Resource centre for ZX Spectrum games using
       Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy game engines







16 April

Manic Miner 5: Los peligros del LSD is gamma-released by Ignacio Pérez Gil.


23 April

Manic Miner: The Buddha of Suburbia is gamma-released by Andrew Broad.

Manic Miner Screen Editor 1.0 is released by Andrew Broad.


24 April

Special Edition of The Continuing Adventures is gamma-released by Adam Britton.



20 May

Manic Miner 7 is gamma-released by Craig Rothwell.



13 August

Jet Set Willy 128k v. 0.03 Hacklevel 6 is released by John Elliott.

JSWED 1.04 is released by John Elliott.


27 August

Jet-Set Willy Ivy is gamma-released by Philip Bee.