Resource centre for ZX Spectrum games using
       Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy game engines


Games of MM and JSW interest

The following list draws heavily on information from "Other Games of MM/JSW Interest" section of the last (28 May 2009) update of Dr. Andrew Broad's list of MM and JSW games.


I. Games of special interest

Jet Set Willy 16K [Jonathan Cauldwell, 2009]
Jonathan Cauldwell’s rendition of Jet Set Willy squeezed in to 16K.

Jet Set Willy X [Karel 'Clock' Kulhavý, Twibright Labs, 2006]
A JSW game with a completely rewritten game engine and game mechanics different from the original.

ZX81 Manic Miner [Russell Marks, Ales Martinik and Matthew Smith, 2003]
Russell Marks's 128K Spectrum backport of Ales Martinik's ZX81 conversion of Manic Miner.

Jet Set Basic [Iván Armada aka IceVAN, Purples Studios, 2007]
A little remake of Jet Set Willy in BASIC for the Concurso de juegos en BASIC 2006, with eight rooms.

Winer Milly [William Hart, Bug Bitten Ltd, 1986]
A pastiche of Manic Miner, written in BASIC, consisting of five caverns, with the notice "Go forth to Jet Set Milly" at the end.

Not JSW! [Bob Smith, Outlet, 1990]
"A simple platform and ladders game showing how screens can be displayed from machine code", featuring three rooms, which appeared on side A of electronic magazine Outlet issue 040.


II. Games inspired by and / or similar to MM or JSW

Fahrenheit 3000 [Tim Williams, Chris Jones (Perfection Software), Softstone Ltd, 1984] (Re-released by Firebird Software Ltd)
A JSW-lookalike in which you have to collect all the pressure valves in order to shut down the "Dragon" reactor and avoid a nuclear meltdown.

Pyramania [N. Murray, 16/48 Tape Magazine, 1984]
A platform game bearing a striking resemblance to Jet Set Willy, albeit with a completely different game engine, featuring Spaceman Fred who has to collect all the treasures in order to escape from an ancient pyramid on an alien world.

Odd Job Eddie [Harry Price, Strobe, 1985]
A rip-off of Pyramania, featurng the eponymous hero,"jack of all trades and master of none", who has to collect all of his tools.

Stay Kool [Leigh Hugill, Bug-Byte Software Ltd, 1985]
A JSW-lookalike in which you have to collect all the fuel rods in order to escape from an overheating spaceship.

Cheekah's Exploits [Julian R.E. Wood, Your Computer, 1985]
A machine code type-in game from the January 1986 issue of Your Computer, based heavily on the code for Manic Miner, and featuring a built-in room-editor.

The Steelyard Blues [Harry Price, Tynesoft, 1987]
A rip-off of Cheekah's Exploits.

The Archaeologist [Paul K. Sneesby (Sneesby Software), Spectrum Computing, 1985]
A very JSW-looking game, involving entering a volcano and passing through the Earth’s core collecting artifacts.Originally planned for a commercial release, but the publisher went bankrupt before the game was finished.

Creepy Dungeons [Ian Howlett, Automata Software, 1985]
A crude JSW-lookalike (the player-sprite is based on Willy, and many of the 25 rooms were obviously inspired by JSW rooms) in which you play a brave knight who has decided to rescue Lady Sinclive from Creepy Castle by collecting 14 keys before dawn.

Roller Coaster [S. Brockelhurst, Elite Systems Ltd, 1985]
A platform game sometimes described as "Jet Set Willy in the Amusement Park", due to perceived similarties both in gameplay and in the looks of the anonymous protagonist.

Subterranean Nightmare [James Closs, Americana Software Ltd, 1986]
A platform game following in the footsteps of Jet Set Willy, with Profession Fusion having to collect crystals around an underground atomic test site, avoiding mutated beasties.

Tutti Fruti [Jose Manuel Gutierrez Baranano, Ventamatic, 1986]
A Spanish Manic Miner clone, featuring some sprites from Jet Set Willy, which appeared on side A of Ventamatic's compilation Spectrum Top Hits 3.

Area 51 [Jonathan Cauldwell, 2004] (16K version, 2005)
A Manic Miner clone originally entered as a 4K game in the 2004 Minigame Competition.

Manic Muslim [Chaosmongers, Böniösoft, 2005]
A Manic Miner clone written using Platform Game Designer and entered in the 2005 comp.sys.sinclair Crap Game Competition.

Rebelstar - Search for the I.O.N Gun [Paul Johns (psj3809), 2005]
Another MM-style game written using Platform Game Designer.

MPThrilla: The Metal Miner [Michal Vrbnák (de Vandemar Croup), Cronosoft, 2006]
Another MM-style game written using Platform Game Designer.

rEdIvIvUs[Mark Spruce, Chronosoft 2006]
Another MM-style game written using Platform Game Designer, originally featured as a hidden bonus game with MpThrilla: The Metal Miner.

Elvin The Elf [Jack Woodcock and Colin Woodcock, ZXF, 2006]
Another MM-style game written using Platform Game Designer.


III. Games starring Jet Set Willy

Willy Tournament 2004 [Mark Woodmass, 2004]
A scrolling platform game starring Jet Set Willy, completely recoded with faster action, up & down keys for ladders, more sophisticated guardians and an energy-bar, but without the flairsome MM/JSW game-mechanics.

Super Crap Invaders [Mark Woodmass, 2004]
A vertical shoot-'em-up starring Jet Set Willy, who has to shoot wave after wave of aliens while jumping over horizontal arrows.


IV. Games with MM and JSW-related names

Manic Badger [Andrey John Remic, 1991]
A text adventure.

Manic Bugs [Andrew Davis, 1987]
A BASIC game inspired by machine-code programming, in which you have to collect 12 registers while avoiding fast bugs that home in on you, but can be dashed against interrupt flags.

Manic Climber [Hugh Dereli, Your Computer, 1984]
A type-in for the 16K Spectrum (or higher), a crude platform game which is a cross between Manic Miner (collect all the items in each room, then go to the exit before time runs out) and Donkey Kong (barrels that roll to the bottom of the screen and climbable ladders).

Manic Man [J. Perez, MicroHobby, 1986]
A crude platform game apparently inspired by Manic Miner, which appeared on side A of covertape MicroHobby Cassette 13.

Manic Mechanic [T. Sherwood, Sinclair User, 1985]
The seventh offering in the Benny Bunny series, which was published as Type-in in issue 44 of Sinclair User.

Manic Mover [Brendan Alford, Sinclair User, 1992]
An arcade action game which appeared on side A of covertape Sinclair User issue 129: Great Eight 18, in which you have to mow a lawn while avoiding obstacles such as rocks and running over the dog.

Jet-Man Silly [Jirí Brabec, Jousoft HKK, 1993]
A straightforward horizontal shoot-'em-up game, which has nothing to do with Jet Set Willy beyond the obvious titular nod.

Jetset-Freddy [Bernd Schissler, 1984]
Missing in action!

Jet Set Gertie [Pete Cooke and Rusell Rawlingson, 1985]
A game in which you play a housewife who has to jump around some platform levels.

Jet Set Looney [Appleby Structured Systems, 1989]
Missing in action!

Jet Set Spidery [Spidersoft, 1986]
Missing in action!

Jet Set Teddy [Roy Stead, ?]
Missing in action!


V. Other games by Matthew Smith

Styx [Matthew Smith, Bug-Byte, 1983]
Matthew's first game: a shoot-'em-up set in a 2D maze.

The Birds and the Bees [Adrian Sherwin and Matthew Smith, Bug-Byte, 1983]
Boris Bee must fly around a field, gathering nectar from the flowers and returning it to his hive, whilst avoiding birds and other guardians. Adrian wrote the game, Matthew the graphics.

André's Night Off [Matthew Smith, Computer And Video Games, 1984]
A BASIC game set in Willy's kitchen on the chef André's night off, with the kitchen invaded by technicolour pizzas and lobsters and the player's goal being simply to stay alive for as long as possible.